would you rather go to a challenge or a party? :)

lately i have been thinking a lot about languaging. what we tell ourselves comes before our actions. so if we want to eat a plant based diet and we are worried that we cannot follow it, we must examine the things we are telling ourselves.

“it is hard.” No, it isn’t. eating simple whole foods in their natural state is easy. what might be making it hard is the things we are telling ourselves. because nothing is easier really, than eating a banana. cutting a tomato and sprinkling salt on it, eating an apple or a chopped up head of lettuce with quality olive oil drizzled on top, salt and lemon juice. what is so hard about that? no. it is the things we tie into food. our culture, our mother’s words, our emotions, our belief systems. we were taught all kinds of things that weren’t true. we need to clean up our bodies so that it is the body’s intelligence talking and craving, not the yeast and parasites living inside, craving the sugars the refined foods, the alcohol. we need to get clean clear and bright to get the most oxygen through our blood to vital organs like our brains. so that we may think clearly and have positive thoughts, make good decisions and act on them.

all thoughts come before decisions. so when we tell ourselves it is hard, it is. when we think deprivation, we are deprived. what i am suggesting is telling ourselves it is a privilege and a luxury to eat an organic plant based diet. we are naturally wired to love a real strawberry, delight in a mango. when we set about finding gorgeous produce it becomes an exciting adventure. i would rather have that attitude then thinking that it is drudgery. and even if you are not convinced at first. trust me, you will be after eating plant based for 2 weeks. then the excitement of how you feel will dictate your thoughts and then your choices.

so for example on my More with Dara site, i am doing 9 days raw with Dara. i couldn’t call it a challenge. to me that is a set  up for hardship. making it hard before we even start! it isn’t a challenge. it is an opportunity to spend 9 days communing with me and our beautiful community, sharing the food we eat, the struggles we have and together hearing, supporting and then letting go. collectively moving forward and up.

we will pay attention to what we put in our mouths. what we tell ourselves when we say yes to what nature offers and no to the things that man made that are not in our highest good. we say yes to the party and NO to a challenge. we say yes to health and NO to disease. we say Yes to ourselves and this beautiful life.

so when we think of something from our old belief system that doesn’t serve us, we catch ourselves and switch to positive languaging. surprising at first, fun and ultimately freeing!

so, about the plant based party, let’s get it started! 🙂

darawould you rather go to a challenge or a party? :)