eating raw may SEEM like a stretch….

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Eating a lot of leafy greens, fruits and nuts and seeds may seem to be a stretch, but I promise, there are ways to make it satisfying and nurturing. If you need to feel fuller, you can go for my No Bean Zucchini Hummus, or the Crispy Kale Chips or the heavier things that I’ve offered over the past couple of years to help you feel satisfied.

Our bodies are so intelligent.  We just generally know when it’s time to get to our next level of healing and our next level of health.

So what I say is don’t worry about giving up anything that you love or that you’ve been taught that you need for certain reasons.  For instance, there are many people that say, where do you get your protein? I say I get so much protein.  Amino acids are the building blocks to protein, and there are a lot of amino acids in leafy greens.  (I am not lacking in protein if anybody is worried.) There is also protein in nuts and seeds and spirulina.

Trust me and just get started.  Eating this way is a good way to get a head start to knowing how to eat for the rest of your life.

Here’s to your good head start!


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daraeating raw may SEEM like a stretch….