relationships, love and raw food: A pathway to wisdom and health!

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Although it looks like I’m talking about food all the time, what I’m really doing is getting to love for ourselves, other living beings, and our planet.  I’m just always getting to love… in vast numbers of ways.

The first step on the path is to detoxify our bodies, our cells, our lymph system, skin, aura and our energy, so that we can even begin to hear our own hearts’ desires.

This is all just so that we can connect with another human being and get to love. Because I think that’s really what we’re all here to do.

We put love into our food, eat high-vibration food, and get ourselves clean, and then we can listen to our own body’s intuition.  Then we can be guided by our spirit and our heart to know what we should eat. If that means eating things that you think are right for your constitution, whatever they may be, then there’s love and wisdom in that.

Before this point of clarity, we’re often eating things just to numb ourselves from pain, or to eat socially, or to keep our energy up (when really we need to rest), or we don’t want to feel pain, or all the other reasons that we may be eating.  And unfortunately society has led us to believe that’s okay.  (It isn’t.)

If you feel it’s time to clean up.

If you feel it’s time to get well.  
If you feel it’s time to get beautiful, get thinner, get happier, get more energy…. 

Then eating this way is a really good start.

Here’s to YOUR really good start.
With love


PS: And combining Chinese herbs into the diet is another powerful and helpful way to nourish ourselves.

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dararelationships, love and raw food: A pathway to wisdom and health!