SOUPS & SMOOTHIES ebook is now available!

IMG_1866the way to stay raw. the way to stay healthy. i swear by them. i love them and i live by and from them. SOUPS & SMOOTHIES.  for the past 11 years i have been asked many times. HOW? how do i go raw? how do i start eating healthy? before i give any advice, i ask this question, ” do you have a high performance blender?” back in the day, the only options were high priced machines like the vitamix or blendtech. upwards of $400-600. at that time if people didn’t have one i would suggest they put one on a credit card. buy a used one. any way that they could get one in their kitchen, do it because it changes lives. whole family’s lives.  now we are so lucky we can get a nutribullet. much less money, just as effective and more mobile so that you could take soups and smoothies on the go. why do i love soups and smoothies so much? because they are the best way to get an enormous amount of nutrients in our bodies with the least amount of time, with the best taste and easiest way to digest. liquids with the fiber in tact. add nutrition and take away toxins. i am obsessed with them. i look forward to the day when we can get organic soups and smoothies in every town. until that happens we need to learn how to make them on our own. savory soups like carrot, beet or greens and sweet smoothies such as chocolate pudding and rasperry cream. once you get the hang of them you can create your own with what you have on hand. pictured here is the chocolate pudding smoothie. for the recipe to this, many other delectable satisfying liquids, the basics of how to make any combination and beautiful photos. click this link 🙂

DaraSOUPS & SMOOTHIES ebook is now available!