best raw way to start the day

VSCO Cam-1what to do when you want a savory breakfast but you don’t eat eggs and you want to eat raw. here is one idea. grab a handful of spinach. a handful of chopped cauliflower. put in a bowl and chop or on a cutting board. place in a bowl sprinkle black salt. pepper, olive oil, and turmeric or a masala spice. i added a splash of apple cider vinegar. give yourself a treat and make a hot creamy tonic with my energy blend. sold here. and some almond milk frothed with a frother also found here in my amazon shop of favored kitchen items.

cut up an orange for vitamin c. our bodies need it added daily for producing collagen to make beautiful skin.  put all of it on a pretty tablecloth and sit down enjoy. imagine if you started everyday like this?! 😀

a savory raw breakfast. stay tuned for more…

Darabest raw way to start the day