herbie’s story

we’ve heard the promising toast “the best is yet to come” at numerous celebrations, always reminding us that a better future is on the horizon. herbie fisher assures us that it’s true. At age 85, herbie made a choice, a single choice, that led him to glowing health and a cleaner and clearer life. he chose raw foods and the raw food lifestyle. reaching out to nearly 50,000 global subscribers, he shares his well-documented transformation on dara dubinet’s youtube channel. the videos show an aged body that, over the months, transforms to a rejuvenated body through plant-based eating, thinking and living.

after years of following a standard american diet — and living with the aches and pains and medications that elders do — herbie uprooted himself, taking only two suitcases, and moved to california to be near his daughter dara to adopt her raw food lifestyle. At 85, herbie chose health. with just that first step, he was already following dara’s principle of going where your heart wants to go. dara was inspired to give him a beautiful bachelor pad, and 8 months later, Herbie is a living testament that you can revitalize your body and your life at any age. he’s happy; he’s excited; and he’s learning and doing new things, from yoga to working out at gym. he gives thanks every single day, because, as he says, there is a lot to be thankful for. he and dara are having fun times at the farmer’s market shopping together, and dara is teaching herbie to use his intuition.

in july 2013, herbie was unable to walk more than a couple of houses. today, he walks several blocks almost every day. he’s not stopping anytime soon. his skin is clear. his eyes bright. he is at his high school weight and he is glowing!

by eating an organic vegan diet, he’s feeling good; his aches and pains are gone; and his memory is improving daily. now, he sees beauty all around him. he is only expanding on the great foundation that dara made for him. the great news is that foundation is available to all of us, at any age.

herbie is living proof of what can happen when you follow a plant-based lifestyle. there are many who have had this kind of transformation, but this one happened naturally without a plan to “show” anyone, and amazingly it has been captured on video and airs on dara’s YouTube channel. herbie acknowledges that there are many people who don’t have the luxury of reaching old age. he realizes that people are hurting, depending on what they’ve been eating over their lifetime. he encourages people to make the changes now. it is never too late and we are never to old.

for herbie, adopting a raw food lifestyle has turned him into be living proof that, even at 85, the best is yet to come.

As herbie says with a broad smile, “welcome to the new world.”

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