Dara Dubinet

December 18, 2007
Bio, Philosophy and The Collection

Dara Dubinet came into her life as a bespoke jeweler via a long artistic pathway.
Artist, designer, muralist, Dara has lived her life in fine arts, creating inspiration and activating beauty each step of the way.
She entered the realm of crystals and working with precious and semi-precious stones while studying Feng Shui through the Black Hat Tibetan School lineage.
As a successful Feng Shui consultant Dara recognized the immediacy and profound transformation that stones could have on her clients.
She has taken the concept of a Feng Shui cure and applied it to her jewelry, offering aficionados the opportunity to chose stones intuitively and have them handcrafted into jewelry pieces to awaken energies and beautify their bodies.
Dara combines her studied eclectic specialties to produce unique works of art for clients worldwide. Her painted murals and decorative paintings have been featured in numerous books and publications. Above all, the mother of an eight year old daughter, Jada, Dara is also the author and illustrator of a children s book, Free the Chi.
Dara is a lover. She infuses her love of her work and her life into every piece of jewelry she creates. Perhaps a pixie in a past life, Dara s mission is to spread joy through her art. Her creations are magical, raw and yet refined.
As the world seeks authenticity of purpose and people, Dara s designs utilize the natural elements to cut through the chaos and ground its wearers in the truth.
The Collection
Combing the gem shows of the world, Dara s intuition has led her to collect an Aladdin s Cave of precious and semi-precious stones.
Crafting rings, cuffs, pendants, bracelets and any type of wearable art using gold and silver, Dara is an inspired and inspiring artist and artisan.