You are just amazing! Every time I watch one of your videos, I’m inspired and uplifted! I love how you talk about the importance of food, but also that you bring up other lifestyle choices as well. – Tasha
So inspirational! Your passion, the way you speak from your heart is so moving! I have watched several of your vids tonight and I am elated that I have discovered your channel. Looking forward to more of your fantastic tips, recipes, motivation and inspiration! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! ūüôā – Kelly

Thanks again Dara, you are so wonderful for all that you do. The happiness, health, and love you spread is just the best thing that ever happened to me!!! – Jessica

I have not completely switched to full raw or full vegan but in the last couple of years have made a LOT of changes and even started my own totally organic vegetable garden which gets bigger and bigger all the time! I am 100% convinced that my body has responded to the better nutrition, exercise, and sunlight/fresh air¬†I’m getting. (Maybe even the decluttering, haha!) Thank you for the messages of love¬†and wisdom that¬†you put out there! – Natalie

I thank you for all you do, you inspire me a little more everyday! Because of you I am now embracing a way of being/ eating which I actually thought was insane just a few years back. – Vicki, Quebec

There are not too many people out there who are making raw foods (and healing yourself from the inside out through thoughts, clearing clutter and intention) seem and feel accessible.¬† You have such an amazing way of making something that can seem so scary and out there for most people feel really doable. Your non-dogmatic, non-judgmental, loving heart really shines through. You literally change lives every day. Thank you for doing what you do the way you do it. –¬† Ali

I’ve passed your videos on to friends and family. My mom is completely hooked now. Your spontaneous recipes and vibrant spirit have really inspired us! – Jennifer

You’re an inspiration!!¬† I’m one week into eating Raw and feel great.¬† Along with fruits and vegetables I’m devouring your videos.¬† Of all the videos available on this type of diet yours speak to me the most.¬† You are educating us about so much more than just the weight-loss benefit on a plant-based diet.¬† Thank you!! – Bonita

Dara, you are an amazing inspiration. I never get tired of watching your videos  <3 РMihaela

You express yourself upon the canvas of a diseased world, with splashes of vibrant, colorful, healthy, living foods, inspiring a long & healthy life with love! =) – Angela

You have been light, love, inspiration and a place of rest for me. Your messages are so genuine and brilliant. Thank you for sharing with all of us a part of you and thank you for being your beautiful self, always! Your words are always hitting the right spots in my heart and soul. Your videos on decluttering our homes, bodies and minds has changed my life and that of my family forever. Thank you! – J.I.D.

The way you word things and elaborate on your thought processes is extremely refreshing. So beautiful, love what you do, and how you do it! – Stefany

Dara doesn’t try to steer you in any direction except well-being and healthy vibrational living. She never tries to tell anyone how to eat or what to eat. There’s no one right way to eat. If you watch Dara’s videos she is very into tonic herbs and supplementing with powders, etc; she has her own way and that’s a beautiful thing. She isn’t going to condemn anyone for eating meat or to ban a website for selling animal products. She’s a beautiful peaceful person and we can all take some notes on how to be at peace with diversity both in diets and in lifestyles. We aren’t living a cookie cutter life. – Carolyn

She lives her life according to what works for her and leads by example with ZERO dogma, ZERO judgement for those who make choices different than hers and has respect for the individuals on this planet to BE just that… Dara you are a gift and are truly a shining star <3 – Jamiann

Your videos have helped me transform my life. I’ve had to live simply the last few years and you have given me inspiration to do so. You mostly teach about raw eating, and I enjoy that, but your videos also teach me about raw living. They help me simplify my life through raw food and not giving in to commercialism. You are so motivational and inspire me every time I watch your videos. – Alex

I have my health again, have so much energy, and am making very hard decisions about things that really matter to me… I couldn’t have done it without you. You were the catalyst, my constant support, my inspiration, and silent BFF. – Asela

Your videos are so awesome. Any time I need extra motivation or inspiration, they are the perfect boost. Thank you so much for sharing. – Nathan

Love your videos! Not only do you show us how to make beautiful healthy food but I feel like you make soul food and teach about life as well. РSamantha