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Hi, everybody, it’s Dara. I have information that people need to know! What we put into our bodies makes a difference: What we put in, take out, live with, and live without all contributes to life as we know it. The food we eat and the choices we make dictate our life’s happiness or misery. Do you want increased vitality, beauty, health, wealth, mental clarity, libido and optimal weight? Then listen up…the raw food lifestyle could be just what you need.

FOOD isn’t everything, but it IS the first thing. Raw living plant-based foods help detoxify and enrich our bodies so that we may achieve our highest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.

When we detoxify we become clean, clear and bright enough to hear messages from within our own beautiful hearts. Then we can realize what we are truly here to do — and have the energy and vitality to to do it!

about the food and lifestyle:

There was a time in our history when food was a priority, not an afterthought. When the most nutrient dense food ran out, we would move on. Now, we use food to pacify, numb and to grab to fill our bellies. This stuff we call food most times is processed with artificial colorings, flavorings, pesticides and preservatives. This “food” taxes our digestion, toxifies us and puts us to sleep.  People are suffering needlessly due to clogged colons and malnutrition. Disease is actually our body telling us to change course, to adopt the lifestyle that is true to our nature: organic and plant based. Instead of leading us to doctors, prescriptions and eventually hospitals, disease can and ought to lead us to greater health.

Food isn’t everything but it is the beginning and the most important part of this lifestyle. I say lifestyle because when we realize the importance of nutrient rich food we make finding and preparing it a priority. Once we start cleaning up our bodies, we then become aware of the clutter both in our homes and our personal lives. We start to pay attention to the energy of things and people. We declutter what doesn’t serve us: the old, the outdated, and the negative. These things, the ones that make us feel sad or bad don’t belong anymore and need to go. We then surround ourselves with people and things that support us and help us to feel good, creating a life that is clean, clear and bright. This is what I strive for everyday.

We  can prevent and reverse disease. Instead of viewing this as a diet, view it as I do, as a luxury, privilege and game to find the best food possible in all of its colorful variety and medicinal glory; a game to see how good we can feel and look; a game to see what new things we can learn and create. I am here to show you how to prepare this food easily and quickly.

I understand that we are all different. The idea is to clean up enough so that we can listen to our own bodies intuitive and healthy cravings. Try it, ease in, make one really good thing a day. It will change the rest of your day, your week, your life. Eat the raw food before you eat the other stuff and you will want less of it, if any at all. Little by little the good will push out the bad. Don’t worry about “giving up” your  favorites; just add healthy fresh new ones. When we see and feel our new-found beauty, health and vitality, the choices become easy.

…and one more thing: Consider trying the raw food lifestyle for yourself and also for your loved ones, so that you can be there for them and set a shining example. The most loving thing we can do is take care of ourselves for us, our loved ones and our planet. You see, it starts with food, but really it is all to access love. 🙂

So share this site, share this message, it is an EMERGENCY!!! 🙂

Daratransform your life