what is raw?

Eating raw, beautiful, gorgeous living food is a privilege. Nutrient dense, plant-based food nourishes our body, and yet, at the same time, cleanses our body.  A nourished, clean body enables us to better listen to our body’s intuition that tells us what we need to be eating for ourselves.

Classically, raw food is defined as plant-based food that is not heated over 118 degrees. The definition of raw is “not cooked; being in or nearly in the natural state; not processed or purified.”  Raw food is life-force food, therefore, it is also referred to as living food.  Because it has not been heated, the life-force within the food is still in tact and able to nourish our bodies with such nutrient rich vitamins, minerals and enzymes that we become more easily satisfied, and we become healthier. There are no hidden ingredients in raw food, just living food for living bodies.

Raw food is not just lettuce, celery and carrots. It’s comprehensive and includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, herbs, dried fruits, sprouted grains and seeds, sea vegetables, mushrooms, oils, sweeteners, superfoods and prepared raw nut butters, flax crackers and more. There isn’t anything that you can’t have when adopting a raw food lifestyle. The no-dairy cheeses will not only save your arteries from being clogged, but your sinuses from all the mucus that can develop with consuming pasteurized dairy. Raw cheese can be made from cashews, or macadamia nuts and a pine nut Parmesan will rock your world in taste and texture!   By learning to use all the foods available you can replicate almost any recipe, nothing processed, nothing pasteurized.   Start with a simple fresh salad of sprouts, avocado, lemon juice, a little olive oil and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, then build your recipes to include crunchy granola, spicy flax crackers, ricotta cheese, gourmet raw pizza, zucchini pasta, lasagna, “meatless” burgers, pates, soups, chia seed puddings, chocolates, ice-cream and cakes.   Take it one step at a time, raw food is fun and a celebration!

Nourish yourself and see yourself flourish. In as little as two weeks time after adopting a raw food lifestyle the physical benefits begin to reveal themselves. Eyes become clearer, little aches and pains tend to disappear, skin begins to glow, bags under the eyes diminish, hair takes on a different texture. The body rejuvenates itself on living foods. The age old adage becomes perfectly clear, you are what you eat. It’s a choice. Food can be your medicine or food can be your poison. The benefits of adopting a raw food lifestyle also extends to your emotional life as well when you’ll begin to really hear your hearts desire. Live better, live longer, live happier and healthier doing what you’re here to do on this planet. When you experience first hand the changes your body goes through from eating a raw food diet you will feel that it’s nothing short of miraculous.   Because that’s exactly what it is.

Darawhat is raw?